it's time to awaken your feminine divine

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During a recent event where I was sharing the stage with Dr. Deepak Chopra, we were discussing masculine and feminine energy and how incredibly important it is to learn how to be tuned in, tapped in and turned on in order to activate your infinite potential. Each time I speak on stage, on a podcast or FB live, I get a ton of DM’s asking me HOW I learned to step into my feminine divine and would I teach them what stepping into their feminine divine looks like...

Traditionally, my Masterminds have been a hybrid of helping others go NEXT LEVEL both professionally and personally with a primary focus on frameworks and strategies, but this one is MUCH different. Although I’ve been a business alchemist for decades, I’m also a Shame Slayer, Mindset Ninja & Advanced Metaphysical Anatomy and Psych-K® Practitioner and am all about Generational Shifting. My Mastermind slots fill up quickly and have a diverse group from around the globe (9 countries so far!). 

I only open up my high-end 90 day Masterminds 2x a year...

If you're reading this,
God/The Universe has brought you here.
There are no accidents. 

Well, you asked for it!

I’ve restructured this Mastermind to be a 90-day container full of love and support to help you AWAKEN your feminine divine, BREAK FREE from the shackles of fear and limiting beliefs to OWN WHO TF YOU ARE as a divine goddess, reclaiming and unleashing your power and becoming UNAPOLOGETIC, UNSTOPPABLE and ABUNDANT while gaining a sisterhood and creating deep bonds.

We’re talking massive and radical internal shifts using brain-based transformational psychology combined with ancient wisdom so you can be bold and play epically big…to change your life forever!

So If you're STILL reading this then God/The Universe is nudging you...are you ready to go NEXT LEVEL and AWAKEN YOUR FEMININE DIVINE?

...take a minute to get still...close your eyes...just feel what it would be like to have the life you desire...visualize what waking up each day to a life that you love, one that's filled with a deep knowing, trusting...not having to play small and afraid any longer.

Ask for divine guidance if this is right for you, take whatever message you received and take the next step. 

You're here to go NEXT LEVEL, to embark upon an incredible journey, to architect and live the life you've always wanted and to tap into your FEMININE DIVINE.

Deep breaths in....feel all of it...

...and I’m so blessed to be a part of it.

As women, we’ve had to push hard to make it, make a shit ton of sacrifices to break that glass ceiling, to be trailblazers, to rise to the top PLUS be a friend, lover, Mommy (for some), sister, volunteer, etc.
Not only is it exhausting, it’s also lonely. You get soul-famished.
….and the worst part is that we lose what’s precious about and to us….our womanhood.
There’s not one woman alive that doesn’t want to be seen.
Not one.
We want to be deeply cherished and sought after. Desired.
We’ve forgotten how to be playful…it’s turned into another “task” on a never ending to-do list.
We’ve become so capable that in truth, we don’t even need a partner. But we WANT one.
When you’ve reached this point, your partner most likely feels emasculated, has lost the desire to want to love, honor, cherish and protect you the way your soul cries out for. you tolerate each other, trade information as it relates to jobs, kids, the running of the house, feel disconnected, unseen.
...and truth is, there hasn’t been that “throw me against the wall” feeling in a very long time.
Plus you’ve created such a hard-ass protective shell that your people don’t feel you are as relatable….that you’re a machine.



Yeah...told ya I see you.
I’ve been you.

I had to unlearn some behaviors that didn’t serve me anymore.
Being in corporate for so many years I had a lot of masculine energy and desperately needed to learn how to step into being femininely divine so I could feel spiritually connected and get tuned in and tapped into my own inner compass and learn to revel in being a woman and what that emcompasses.




To create an “aroma” that’s irresistible…look and feel more confident, healthy and radiant with true energetic presence when you walk into any room

To fully walk into yourself through connecting to the deeper truth of who you are and the story of your power as a creator of your life

How to gain that “garter belt” mentality to feel a sense of authentic confidence

The true power of vulnerability and the delicate art of surrender for the RIGHT higher reason

To create your own rulebook and jump in the driver’s seat to manifest the lift you want and deserve

Real behavior hacks to experience more passion in your love life & have your partner tripping over themselves to do things FOR you (yes, it’s possible)

YES, I WANT TO manifest the life I want

To release negative stories and learn brain hacks to immediately shift any negative or fearful thinking from the subconscious limiting beliefs that sabotage 

To heighten your emotional intelligence: how you show up relationally: learning how to show up in ways that are nutritive and empower your family, your partner, your children (if you have any) to flourish and thrive 




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I’m Hilary Porta; The Life Architect, Chief Shame Slayer, Human Behavior Hacker, Wannabe Gypsy, Generational Shifter & Business Alchemist. 

Founder of R3 International, Inc. & Principal and CEO of H Porta et al., a bespoke leading-edge transformational boutique consultancy based out of NC with satellite offices in FL and the UK.

She is trusted by Fortune 500 CEOs, professional athletes, motorsports professionals (Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes), celebrities, members of elite military forces, and high-performance professionals globally to shatter their deepest limits using brain-based strategies to architect their best lives and create generational impact.  Hilary's frameworks have been implemented by the most prominent organizations in the world.

From sharing international stages with the likes of Dr. Deepak Chopra to hosting VIP Intensives, retreats and facilitating workshops, Hilary is also a contributing writer to 35+ publications, including Forbes, Medium, Thrive Global, Elephant Journal, Tiny Buddha, PsychAlive, The Conscious Magazine, Chief Information Officer and a handful of other publications. She is a Top Success Coach, Business Alchemist and Life Architect, an expert in human behavior hacking, business development & optimization and most importantly mindset. 


Meet Kristin

Meet Amy

Meet Christine

Meet Kaitlyn

Meet Natalie


The modules that Hilary shared pushed me to really think about how I want to architect my life and what I could create for myself. I saw many of our Mastermind participants flourish and create a much more robust business model. For me, the modules pushed me to evaluate where, what and who I want behind me creating and running my business.

Hilary herself is a powerhouse. She is unbelievably amazing. She has your back every step of the way, is incredibly available in difficult times and really just cares about each and everyone of us. She is such an incredible gift to have in my life. I feel like we were meant to meet and inspire each other. I just adore her, her energy and her deep knowing and light. She has a true gift and we are so fortunate that she is willing to share it with the world.

Hilary went above and beyond to make time to talk with me and address any of my questions, concerns, fears, etc. When she says she is a shame slayer, she means it. She has an incredible and fierce light and she uses it to connect without abandon. Having Hilary on my side made a huge difference for me.


I am so lucky to say that I connected with Hilary about a year ago and joined her Next Level Mastermind Program last spring and it really helped me stay focused on the big picture and continue to grow as an Individual and as an Industry Leader, while learning to adapt my business and life to the pandemic.

She was genuinely invested in each person, always very real, upbeat and encouraging. Hilary is a great business coach - I feel like I learned a lot while being asked to reflect and take action based on the changes I wanted to see in my Self, my life and my business.

Also, the group itself was incredible - she really brought together a great group of focused and ambitious women excited to support each other.

Hilary is a beautiful person inside and out, and a true pleasure to work with in every capacity!


I invite you to embark upon an incredible journey, to join me in a sacred container full of women who want to crack themselves wide open, discover, heal, harness the power of their FEMININE DIVINE and architect a life they've always wanted.


the time iS now.